The disinfectants for surfaces that are in contact with food are essential so that they do not transmit bacteria and viruses that can contaminate people if they eat food. But it is also important that the food is in good condition.

Bad preservation or inadequate preparation of food will cause bacteria to appear which, even though your kitchen is perfectly disinfected thanks to the products we manufacture in Solimix, bacteria can directly affect the good health of your family. There are two kinds of bacteria that are usually present and that is the reason why you have to be especially alert:

  • Staphylococcus: has the strange capacity to totally contaminate any kind of food being responsible for the so called toxic “Staphylococcalenterotoxin A”, considered one of the great causes of food poisoning at a global level. This bacterium appears quickly when the cold chain is broken. It causes intense vomiting.
  • Salmonella or salmonellosis: This bacterium can produce strong gastrointestinal infections. It is usually found in raw foods such as eggs, meat, cheese and yoghurt, but can also be contaminated after cooking. The consequences of salmonella poisoning are fever, severe diarrhoea or headaches.

Can I get infected with covid-19 by eating any food?

I’m sure you’re reading this but you’re really only concerned about whether covid19 can be transmitted through food intake. The answer is no, or at least there are no studies to date that confirm this. In any case we recommend these guidelines to keep all your food properly disinfected.

  • Cleaning: a compulsory stage prior to disinfection, but elementary and essential. It consists of removing the dirt with water and soap from surfaces of household appliances and kitchen furniture, taps, utensils, etc…
  • Disinfect. Different products can be used: with bleach, you have to let it act five minutes before to rinse it just after, with alcohol, of a minimum concentration of 70%, and many other authorised virucidal products: you can find out about them thanks to the official public list of the Ministry of Health.