Manufacturing, packaging and handling servicesof chemical products for third parties from 1978

Solimix solutions

We are the ideal industrial partner for your manufacturing needs. We offer you simply co-packing services for manufacturing and/or packaging.

  • Demand peaks higher than production capacity.
  • Launch of products for which you do not have the necessary manufacturing/packaging machinery from the beginning.
  • Production/packaging of products for which you have the appropriate facilities.
  • We manufacture/package products that are incompatible with other productions that you carry out in your facilities.
  • Production/packaging of products for which you do not have the corresponding authorizations.

You can convert fixed costs into variable costs and free up production units for products with greater added value.


  • We take care of manufacturing and/or packaging your products from raw materials and packaging materials you provide us, following your instructions.

Full Service

  • In the Full Service co-packing mode, we take care of the purchase of raw materials and packaging materials (according to the specifications indicated) and the logistics of delivery of the finished product.

Additional Services

Logistics and expeditions

  • Picking and logistics centre
  • Preparation and shipment of the orders where our client needs them
  • Possibility of dispatching orders with the customers’ own documentation (delivery notes, bills of lading, etc.)
  • Control of stocks of materials owned by the client.


  • Certificates of analysis
  • Fine-tuning of customer formulations. We provide advice to optimize processes

Waste Management

  • We manage the waste generated during the production/packaging processes


We do not have our own brand: we are a company with a clear vocation for service,
totally customer-oriented.

We always work with the utmost rigour to preserve the confidentiality of the processes entrusted to us by our clients. Whenever the client considers it necessary, we sign the corresponding confidentiality agreements.

The trust and loyalty of our customers are the guarantee that supports our work. We offer an agile and versatile service, trying to adapt as much as possible to the needs of our customers. If you wish, we can adapt the documentation that accompanies the products to the requirements of each client (manufacturing parts, analysis bulletins, and quality records).

Our great variety of machinery allows us to adapt to the majority of containers, formats and quantities required. There is the possibility of carrying out pilot manufacturing or industrial formulation tests.

We are aware of the need and convenience of ensuring a good quality management system and food safety in our organization. Our quality and food safety policy, based on certification according to ISO:9001 and FAMI-QS standards, guarantees the control of manufactured products and manufacturing processes, maintaining at all times the necessary traceability.


All installations are prepared to offer maximum versatility.

Solimix facilities occupy an approximate surface area of 6,500 m2, divided into 3 production areas. Located in an industrial park near Vilafranca del Penedès, they are only 40 km from Barcelona and 40 km from Tarragona, just 2 km from the AP-7 motorway access.


  • Formulation of liquids: Formulation of all types of liquids in reactors and tanks made of stainless steel, polyethylene and fibre.
  • Special line of peroxides (hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid): deposits of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid, and PVC reactors with recirculation to make formulations with these products.
  • Liquid packaging, from 0.5 litre bottles to 1,000 litre IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), passing through all intermediate formats.
  • Solid mixtures, impregnations and encapsulates.
  • Mills, micronizing mills and sieves.
  • Packaging of solids from 50 gr to 1,000 kg, with the possibility of using continuous sheets for bags and sacks, and the possibility of packaging into cubes, barrels and other formats.
  • Line of tablets and pellets..
  • Ask us about other possibilities: blisters packs, cases, boxes,

Warehousing and logistics:

  • At Solimix we know how important delivery dates are. Therefore, we have several options to store raw materials and finished products, thus ensuring maximum availability of materials for production. We have several warehouses for palletized products, as well as tanks with different characteristics for reception and/or delivery of products in cistern.

Laboratory and analysis:

  • In our laboratory, our technicians carry out the necessary analytical determinations for the quality control and also the tests of the studies of new products.
Fabricación, envasado y manipulado de productos químicos