Installations designed for maximum versatility


At Solimix we are experts in formulating and packaging liquid chemical products. We have specific facilities for mixing and packaging products of special complexity such as mixtures containing acids, products with hydrogen peroxide or other peroxides such as Peracetic acid, hypochlorites, etc.. We are specialists in peroxides.

  • Manufacture of Peracetic Acid
  • Formulation of liquids and emulsions. Dissolutions and mixtures
  • Hot Formulation
  • Reception and dispatch of bulk products, in cistern
  • Packing of liquids in IBC, drums, carafes, bottles (with and without sprayer)

Ask us about other possibilities: blisters, cases, sachets, …


Decades of experience in the processing and packaging of solid chemical products, with the possibility of integrating different operations in the same production:

  • Pre-crushing, Stumped and Lumped
  • Screening and sieving
  • Grinding, Milling and Micronizing
  • Mixture Impregnation and Encapsulation of solids
  • Packaging in barrels, cubes, big-bags, sacks, pre-packaged bags, sachets, …
  • Packaged in continuous reel foil or pre-assembled bags
  • Thermo-sealing and sewing of containers
  • Manufacture of tablets and pellets

Ask us about other possibilities: blisters, cases, sachets, …

Manufacturing, packaging and handling services of chemical products