Nowadays, the chemical industry is of great importance in most countries. Solimix stands out as one of the best manufacturers of industrial chemical products in Spain. We have been offering the highest quality services in the manufacture, packaging and handling of chemical products for third parties for more than 40 years. Our industrial chemical services cover many sectors where professionalism and excellence are essential.

Liquid and solid industrial products

We specialise in processing and packaging liquid and solid chemicals. As far as liquids are concerned, our facilities are adapted to carry out the mixing and packaging of products that have a certain complexity, such as those composed of acids, hydrogen peroxide, or peroxides such as peracetic acid or hypochlorites, among others.

As far as solids are concerned, we offer the possibility of integrating different operations into a single production, ranging from pre-crushing and lump breaking, to screening and sieving, mixing, impregnation and encapsulation of solids, and even the manufacture of tablets and pellets, among many others.

The importance of quality and safety

When it comes to chemical products, the Quality and Safety Policy is very important. That is why in Solimix we are certified with the ISO 9001:2015 standard by DNV-GL, we comply with all the requirements of the APQ regulations for the storage of chemical products classified as dangerous, and we have the legal permits and accreditations required for the manufacture of the products in all the sectors we work in.

All this makes us a point of reference as a manufacturer of industrial chemical products in Spain, standing out for our work with cleaning products, biocides, animal feed, agronutrients, water treatment, sealants and coatings, speciality chemicals, and basic chemical products.