As a company specialised in handling for third parties, we would like to review the uses and applications of peracetic acid in areas such as the food industry.

The first thing we need to be clear about is what we mean. Peracetic acid is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3CO3H, also known as peroxyacetic acid. It is produced by the reaction of acetic acid with hydrogen peroxide and its acronym is PAA. It has numerous industrial applications. Its use as a disinfectant in the food and drink industry is noteworthy, although it is also used in industrial laundry, in the paper industry and in the treatment of waste water, among other activities.

Peracetic acid and food safety

Effective cleaning and disinfection protocols must be in place in order to prevent food from containing dangerous levels of pathogenic or spoilage microorganisms. It is also effective in extending the life of the product and maintaining its organoleptic characteristics. In this sense and to fulfil these objectives, peracetic acid is one of the most widely used disinfectant products in the food industry.

Although from a chemical point of view it is an acid, its oxidizing capacity is what makes it effective as a biocide. It is powerful against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and their spores, against yeasts and moulds and also against viruses.

In beverage packaging plants, peracetic acid is used to disinfect pipes, tanks, mixers or fillers. For the packaging of dairy products and soft drinks, it is used to disinfect both the container and the closures.

Preservation of fresh and frozen vegetables

To reduce the microbial load of the vegetables, they are washed with water to which some biocide is added. Years ago chlorine was used, but for some time now peracetic acid has been used.

To reduce the microbial load of the vegetables in such a way that they carry less risk for their consumption, as well as to favour their prolonged preservation over time, they are washed with water to which some biocide is added. Years ago, chlorine was used, but now peracetic acid is used because at low concentrations it is highly effective as a biocide and is not contaminating and therefore it respects the environment.

In Spain, the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition, AECOSAN, authorises certain products based on peracetic acid for the disinfection of water used to wash citrus fruits, peppers and tomatoes. In Solimix, we remind you that in the European Union there is the so-called principle of mutual recognition. This means that if a product is legally marketed in one member state, it cannot be banned in another, except for reasons of protection of people’s health and life.

Due to its oxidising and biocidal power, in addition to the food industry, peracetic acid is also used in other industries such as agriculture, the health sector, livestock farming or the paper industry as a bleaching agent for paper pulp.
In our company we have the necessary accreditations and certifications to work with products that require it according to Spanish and European regulations. In this way our clients can benefit from this documentation for the use of these products or as ingredients in their manufacturing, without that representing any risk.

Our high level of specialisation as a company dedicated to the manufacture and packaging of products for third parties, together with our extensive facilities equipped with the most modern technology and excellent quality protocols that include frequent controls, make us the most suitable choice to have a partner you can trust.

We provide advice to guarantee the client that the resulting product will be identical to the one requested, complying with the regulations in force and the confidentiality required in the manufacturing processes of their products, with the accurate reproduction of their formulation to ensure the integrity of the final result, which qualifies us to achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Peracetic acid as a disinfectant has excellent results

In order to obtain the highest health safety levels, Solimix offers you the possibility of using peracetic acid as a disinfectant, since with it we achieve unbeatable results that watch over the well-being of raw materials, processed products, containers, liquids, etc. For that purpose, we do have the necessary permits and certificates for its manufacture and packaging in our facilities.

This antimicrobial agent is chemically degraded to levels that are safe for people and our environment; then it can be used without the need for flushing or rinsing afterwards.