Quality controls in the packaging industry for third parties, especially when it comes to food products, biocides or chemicals. Any packaging and handling of products must comply with quality standards that guarantee consumer safety and improve competitiveness.

Quality control process in packaging for third parties

Step 1: Production inspection

The inspection of the production is the first step of all for the quality control in our company of packaging for third parties. This is nothing more than an inspection where the customer’s product and the operation of the machinery to be used for packaging are checked. If there is any problem, we contact the customer to try and solve it and continue with the process.

Step 2: Quality control in the process

During the packaging process we carry out a quality control where the batch is checked for its correct packaging. In this way we can ensure that the process is working correctly following the quality standards. If there are any errors or something to correct, we are still in time to fix it. Some aspects that are checked are: labelling, product dosage, dimensions, coding or batching.

Step 3: Final inspection

The final inspection is the last step in quality control in third-party packaging companies. During this last step, we check that we have correctly packed the product as requested by the customer. We check the packed lots, the boxes, the bar code, the transport label, etc. Before taking them to the container where they will be transported to their destination, we check that the load is correct.

Solimix guarantees the highest quality in packaging for third parties. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by DNV-GL, we rigorously comply with the requirements of the APQ regulations for the storage of chemical products classified as hazardous and, in addition, our facilities have all the permits and legal requirements as required for the manufacture of the products in the areas we are working.