As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial chemical products in Spain, at Solimix we specialise in solutions and mixtures that comply with current European regulations. In addition, we guarantee all possible safety so that industries, as important as the food industry can offer products free of pathogens using formulas that do not alter the organoleptic properties and characteristics of the food.

In this sense, peracetic acid is a broad-spectrum, low-residue biocide that makes it a suitable disinfectant in the food industry, but it is also extremely useful in other areas. What are the uses of peracetic acid in industry?

Peracetic acid and food disinfection

Food safety. This term is the roadmap for the production and supply in the food industry, based on three fundamental pillars: cleanliness, hygiene and disinfection.

Please note that peracetic acid functions as a potent antimicrobial. It has a high oxidising power on the outer membrane of bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts and other microorganisms and pathogens. Ultimately, it causes their inactivation or death without altering the food, whether in beverages, vegetables or meats.

Peracetic acid in other industries

Peracetic acid is not only used in the food industry and in the canning activities. In fact, it has other very interesting applications in the industrial laundry sector, in the paper industry or in different waste water treatments.

Specifically, in addition to having a great disinfectant power, peracetic acid is an extraordinary bleaching agent that, nevertheless, does not damage the surfaces to be treated and extends the useful life of the elements and materials on which it works.

Finally, we would like to remind you that at Solimix we have more than 40 years of experience as manufacturers of industrial chemical products in Spain and we offer solutions that comply with all the technical and legal requirements. Thus, we carry out a quality service with safety guarantees, both in the packaging and in its formulation.