Additives have taken on a major role as part of animal feed, with the aim of improving the process of preparing it and its preservation, and thus improving the nutritional quality of the food. In Solimix we are specialists in third party packaging in foodstuffs, as well as in additives, premixes and complementary animal feed. That is why we work with different types of additives and we are aware of all their benefits. They allow preventing some diseases and even improving the efficiency in production, thus reducing costs.

We then go through the different types of animal feed additives and the function of each one of them.

What types of animal feed additives are there?

In Solimix we mainly work with technological, sensitive, nutritional and zootechnical feed additives. When we talk about technological additives, we are talking about substances that we incorporate to animal feed with a technological purpose. For example, here we refer to preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, thickeners, gelling agents, binders, acidity regulators or denaturing agents, among others.

Sensitive additives can be found in the use of colouring agents or flavouring substances, for example, in order to change the colour or odour of food. The nutritional additives are very important, which provide vitamins, pro-vitamins, as well as chemically defined substances with an analogous effect, trace elements, amino acids, urea and derivatives.

As far as zootechnical additives are concerned, they consist of substances which function as digestives, to facilitate the digestion of food; as stabilisers with a positive effect on the intestinal flora; or substances which positively influence the environment, among others.

This is a sample of some of the types of additives that exist on the market, but there are more. When buying and dealing with animal feed additives, it is necessary to make sure that the company hired is reliable, professional and has the right permits and certificates.

As a company specialised in the sector, at Solimix we have the permits and certificates from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (hygiene products, care and handling of animals), from the Catalan Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing (Register of the animal feed sector companies, for the activity of manufacturing additives and premixes) and FAMI-QS (for the production of additives and premixes and complementary feeds for animal nutrition). For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.