When we choose a restaurant, butcher’s shop or fruit shop, we do so not only because of the quality of its products, but also because that place conveys confidence and security. In this sense, we must bear in mind that precautions in the food industry must always be maximal. In Solimix we work with the best cleaning and disinfection products in the food industry to guarantee optimal food conditions.

Risks of poor disinfection

Disinfection in the food industry is essential to ensure food safety and prevent food poisoning.

Food disinfection is essentially based on removing all microorganisms that affect the immune system, causing infections and diseases that can weaken it. Eating food that has not undergone a good disinfection process can cause bacterial, viral and parasitic infections such as gastroenteritis or diarrhoea.

Cleaning and disinfection products for the food industry

Peracetic acid has become one of the best cleaning and disinfection products in the food industry. For example, it is used very often in the packaging of fruit and vegetables, as it is a very safe compound that manages to maintain the properties of the food for much longer.

Among its many advantages is its oxidising capacity, which makes it effective against bacteria, moulds, yeasts or viruses. Therefore, it is not only used on food, but also on all surfaces that are in direct contact with it. For example, in the beverage industry it is very common to use it in the pipes through which the liquid is transported.

With the cleaning of the food we manage to eliminate the dirt, and with the disinfection, thanks to products such as the peracetic acid, we make them innocuous for the human being and we improve their properties of preservation.

In Solimix, a company dedicated to the manufacture, handling and packaging, we keep up to date with the best cleaning and disinfection products in the food industry, incorporating the most outstanding innovations in our processes. Contact us without any obligation if you want to offer a product with all the guarantees.