We should keep in mind that when talking about the food industry the precautions to be taken should be at maximum. In fact, all companies must guarantee the safety of food from its initial handling to the final packaging with which it reaches the consumer. And in this respect, peracetic acid plays a very important role nowadays.

Ensuring safe food

Cleaning and disinfection are separate issues when talking about the food industry. While the first process removes dirt, the second converts previously cleaned food into harmless food for humans and improves the food’s preservation properties. It is in the latter that peracetic acid plays an important role.

For example it is used very often when packing fruit and vegetables. If chlorine was previously used, it has now been replaced by this compound, which is much safer and manages to increase the shelf life while maintaining the properties of these foods intact.

Among the many advantages of this product is its great oxidising capacity. This is why it is effective against bacteria and their spores, yeasts, moulds and even viruses. This is why it is not only used directly on food, but also as a disinfectant on all surfaces that come into contact with it. For example, in the soft drink industry it is commonly used in the pipes that transport the product before its final packaging.

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