As a company specialised in industrial packaging processes, we would like to dedicate this new blog entry to one of the products we work with: oxygenated water.

If in the previous post we talked about peracetic acid, in this one we want to focus on the other protagonist of our special line of peroxides. We are talking about hydrogen peroxide, although I am sure that, in your daily life, you are more familiar with the term oxygenated water.

Also known as dioxidane, it is a chemical compound with characteristics of a highly polar liquid, strongly bound to hydrogen like water. It is generally presented as a slightly more viscous liquid than this and is notable for its highly oxidising power.

At room temperature, hydrogen peroxide is a colourless liquid with a bitter taste. In fact, in the air we breathe there are small amounts of gaseous hydrogen peroxide. It is unstable and slowly decomposes into oxygen and water with heat release.

The type of hydrogen peroxide that we process and package in Solimix is found in low concentrations (3 to 9%) in many household products for medical use. It is also used as a laundry whitener and hair bleaching. In the industrial sector, hydrogen peroxide is used in higher concentrations to bleach fabrics and paper pulp. The concentration rises to 90% when used as a component of rocket fuels and to manufacture foam rubber.

Uses of hydrogen peroxide

  • Agriculture: hydrogen peroxide has high properties to destroy germs and pathogenic organisms by oxidation. It is also useful in providing oxygen to the roots and accelerating the germination process.

  • Medicine: hydrogen peroxide is one of the key elements in first aid kits because of its disinfectant properties. Therefore, applying it to wounds or cuts helps prevent infection as well as stimulating healing.

  • Aesthetic: due to its melanin decomposition effect, it is used as bleach in beauty salons and in some hair products.

  • Domestic use: due to its disinfectant action, hydrogen peroxide is used to clean bathrooms, kitchens, tiles, crockery, etc. It is also a great whitener, deodorizer, sanitizer and stain remover.