Have you ever thought about industrial packaging as an option for your company? Are you looking for someone to cover this part of your production process? Using this type of service or outsourcing it can have a great number of advantages for your company, so it is advisable that you analyse it very carefully. In Solimix we have been in the sector for four decades and we want to help you discover the advantages that this technique can bring.

  • Solid, liquid and pasty: It doesn’t matter what kind of product you have. Industrial packaging is very dynamic and easily adaptable. That is why even if you work with pasty goods you can still use this technique. The same is true with solids and liquids.

  • Is industrial packaging incompatible with your manufacturing activity?
    The problem many companies face is that they cannot manufacture and package in the same place. That is why they are forced to divide the process into two spaces. Otherwise they have to call in an external expert to help them get the production going.

  • All kinds of products: Industrial packaging can be used with a wide range of goods. Cleaning, biocides, animal feed, agronutrients, water treatments, sealants and coatings, speciality chemicals or base products are just a few examples. Yours is not on the list? Consult a specialist before you rule out the possibility.

  • Packaging and orders of different sizes: This technique can be done in all kinds of sizes, adapting the packaging to the quantity you want to market. And the same goes for orders. It will be manufactured according to your company’s needs.

If you have realized that industrial packaging can be a suitable solution for your company, from Solimix we can give you all the advice you need to get the most out of it. Thanks to our large team of professionals and the experience we have accumulated in the sector, we can even take care of your order in a comprehensive way. In this way, we will manage it from the purchase of raw materials to the distribution of the finished product. Get in touch with us!