As a company specialised in the manufacture, handling and industrial packaging of chemical products, including surface disinfectants, we are very aware of the importance of choosing a good disinfectant. This is a key product to treating and preventing infections, and it is worth knowing some of the characteristics that make it work properly when applied.

The bactericidal power of a disinfectant

One of the main characteristics that a product must have in order to disinfect is a high bactericidal power that can act in large dilutions.

The aim of disinfecting something is to destroy harmful germs or to prevent them from developing. Disinfection, when we talk about cleaning surfaces, is a physical or chemical process, which kills or inactivates those pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or protozoa, to prevent the development of pathogens that are in a vegetative phase and on inert objects. This is why the bactericidal power of disinfectant products is so important.

There are different types of disinfectants depending on the level of disinfection sought and the sector for which it is intended, the main ones being in hospitals, food industry and in households.

How to choose a good disinfectant

When choosing the most suitable disinfectant, in addition to the above, it is essential to take into account some important aspects, such as a fast action time; that the type of health record is a medical device type, avoiding the use of products manufactured for home use; that it should have a scientific verification and a wide and stable spectrum, with an active period of at least between 3 and 6 months; that it is easy to use and does not stain; that it does not cause corrosion, since it must take care of the useful life of the surfaces and equipment; that it has a good performance, while if it is concentrated, that’s better; and, finally, that it has a good quality-price ratio.

In Solimix we are specialists in the manufacture, packaging and handling of chemical products and experts in surface disinfectants. Our biocide products have all the necessary certificates and permits to guarantee the best quality.