Do you need a product capable of disinfecting and cleaning with total guarantee? Peracetic acid is a component that is currently on the rise and is increasingly used in disinfection processes. In Solimix, as a company specialised in handling chemical products for third parties, we tell you everything you need to know about this substance. With multiple uses, its advantages are more than evident.

What is peracetic acid?

Peracetic acid stands out for its high disinfectant capacity, and is also used in industrial processes as a paper bleaching agent. It stands out against all other disinfectants for three basic reasons:

  • It has a wide bactericidal capacity.

  • It offers excellent results at a relatively low cost.

  • It does not generate toxic waste or damage the environment.

Uses of peracetic acid

  1. In medicine as equipment sterilisers: it acts as a disinfectant for medical equipment in clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices. It is highly resistant to antibiotics and common disinfectants, and manages to kill germs very effectively.

  2. In the treatment of waste water: among its advantages is the wide spectrum of its germicidal activity even in the presence of organic matter, as well as the fact that products harmful to the environment are not generated.

  3. In the food industry: it is very effective against organisms at low temperatures, and this has led to its wide use as a bactericide and fungicide in the processing of food and drinks. In addition, it serves as a disinfectant and steriliser for stainless steel and glass tanks, pipes and road tankers, which are used for the transport and storage of beverages.

  4. In the paper industry: It is an important chlorine-free agent in the bleaching technology of the paper industry.

  5. In the production of other chemical compounds.

Now you know in what situations peracetic acid is useful and its work as a disinfectant. At Solimix we have been offering manufacturing, packaging and handling services of chemical products for third parties since 1978. With more than 40 years of experience, we have the industrial solutions you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for your production needs.