It is essential for the obligatory food disinfection that all components used in it must be totally safe for a later consumption of such food. That is why nowadays peracetic acid is always used, because of its effectiveness and optimum effects. If you work in the sector and are looking for the best products and solutions for the disinfection of your production, read on:

Fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits

In order to reduce the microbial load in vegetables, they are washed with water that includes some biocide for proper disinfection. Among others, chlorine / hypochlorite have been conventionally used a lot, but since a few years ago they are no longer used due to the excellence of the peracetic acid.

In our country, products based on peracetic acid are mainly used for the complete and safe disinfection of vegetables or fruits such as tomatoes, oranges, pears, lemons, peppers and cabbages.

Other uses of peracetic acid in the food industry

Today, due to the enormous efficiency of peracetic acid thanks to its strong oxidising and biocidal load, its use as a disinfectant for food surfaces of all kinds is becoming increasingly widespread, not just for fruits and vegetables.

It is true that some years ago it was difficult to use this component due to the bad smell it gave off, but nowadays specialised professionals like us, in Solimix, offer our users a more than effective solution: a foaming agent based on peracetic acid. What it achieves is to form foam that allows its good use since it reduces the evaporation of the intense smell and it can easily detect where on the surface has been poured.

In addition, in our establishment we offer you this foaming product with peracetic acid in spray format for the lowest prices in the sector, something very requested by our clients since it facilitates its use and allows carrying out the disinfection works in a much faster way. We are waiting for you!