With the arrival of the coronavirus in Spain and the fear of its spread throughout our country, recommendations and warnings on how to mitigate the contagion have been put on the table. All of them involve implementing hygiene measures, both personal and collective, and making good use of the various products available to us that can help us to do so. In Solimix we work on packaging for third parties belonging to this sector.

We arrange to formulate and package chemical products in various states. We do this in facilities that are specific for making both the mixtures and the packaging of products of special complexity, such as mixtures containing acids, products with hydrogen peroxide or other peroxides such as peracetic acid, hypochlorites, etc.

The effectiveness of the disinfectant products is based on their composition, but also on the treatment given to them from the time they are manufactured until they reach unaltered to the hands of the consumer. It is what allows them to be effective in their work of cleaning and disinfecting. It is what makes them truly effective against a virus such as covid-19 and can help stop its possible spread.

Types of disinfectant gels

Disinfectant gels are useful when you cannot wash your hands with soap. In this case you have to differentiate between cosmetics, which clean, and the biocides, which disinfect correctly. To confirm that you choose the right one from Solimix we recommend that you take a look at its label.

To begin with, they have a health registration number and in their composition they must indicate that they contain more than 60% alcohol. It is effective if it contains between that percentage and 80%. That’s why it’s not recommended to try to make them at home using ingredients that might seem the same.

Although it may seem to you that because of their high alcohol content, disinfectant gels can be more effective than hand-washing, authorities insist that this is not the case. The most effective way to prevent infection is to wash the hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and to redo all corners, including your fingers and nails.