The cleaning and disinfection products in the food industry are fundamental, as are the steps to follow in the process to achieve the best possible results. Today we explain them to you:

The five steps 

  1. Initial thorough rinsing which aims to kill the larger bacteria by using pressurised water. It is much better than scrubbing, as dry cleaning increases the risk of what is known as ‘cross-contamination’.
  2. The use quality detergents such as those that Solimix offers for this sector, as they dissolve the deepest dirt and grease residues with all the guarantees. When the soiling is very advanced, a non-abrasive manual cleaning with sponges or other similar utensils will have to be carried out.
  3. Use water to collect the dirt and the used detergent. It is advisable to use very hot water and at high pressure.
  4. Disinfection using special products for the food industry, by spraying surfaces and by immersion of small parts. After leaving the disinfectant at issue to act for a few minutes, a final rinse will be carried out to remove the remains of the chemical substance.

The detergents to use

The type of dirt to be cleaned will guide you in the choice of detergent to use:

Acidic detergents: made with strong acids, such as phosphoric acid, they are very good for inorganic residues, such as the remains of rust.

Neutral detergents: these are often used to clean floors or other places sensitive to corrosive products, both acidic as well as alkaline.

Alkaline detergents: their formula is based on a combination of alkaline hydroxides, usually potassium, accompanied by surfactant components, which improve cleaning efficiency, and by metal cation sequestering elements that largely prevent the appearance of limescale. They are ideal for completely removing organic residues such as grease or blood.

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