A high degree of specialisation is essential for the manufacture, packaging and handling of chemical products.

This specialisation implies the need to know in depth all the risks involved in the different processes in which chemical products intervene, as well as the action protocols with which we can guarantee safety at all times.

Risks in handling chemical products

Risks may arise from inappropriate actions in the different processes, which may put people’s health at risk, or that the technical resources or machinery are not in a perfect state of use.

It must be said that the whole chain of production, packaging and handling of chemical products must have the relevant preventive revisions with which to be able to guarantee safety at all levels.

Knowledge of the properties of the different chemical products that can be used, for their packaging, or even for the manufacture of other products, is essential if we want to reduce risks.

Individual protection

In addition to the specialised training of personnel involved in the manufacture, packaging or handling of chemical products, companies must meet certain requirements regarding the individual protection of these teams of professionals.

Thus, there are essential items of equipment that provide safe protection against accidents. This protective equipment should at least include goggles or protective screens, masks, gloves and clothing resistant to chemical contacts.

At Solimix we offer a wide range of solutions in which, in one way or another, chemical products are protagonists, such as water treatment, biocides, cleaning products, agronutrients, sealants or coatings.

For their manufacture, packaging or handling, we have all the permits and accreditations that allow us to guarantee not only the quality of our client’s final product, but also the safety of all the processes that form part of our business activity and the protection of the environment.