Our company is dedicated to the sector of the chemically manipulated products in Barcelona, but also to the manufacture of premixes, additives of different kinds or dietetic animal feeds, among many other animal feed products. And we strictly comply with the rigorous regulations related to this type of production:

We comply with the international legislation

All the countries that make up the European Union have accepted a great official system, at an international level, which verifies very well that all the companies that are dedicated to animal feed, such as ours, Solimix, comply with the necessary requirements to put their production on sale.

We comply with the necessary labelling

Complying with all the regulations regarding the information, data and labelling that must be included in the packaging, so that the end user knows everything about the composition and production of the animal feed product.

We comply with safety and quality regulations

These are the most important controls, also popularly known as quality checks. The aim of these actions is to detect in time any product that does not comply with the most stringent measures, thus preventing it from reaching the end market. In technical jargon, this method of self-monitoring is called ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)’.

Near infrared analysis: today’s leading technology

Nowadays, there are many very effective and optimal solutions for the necessary quality controls with the best results at all times. Near-infrared analysis (NIR), for example, stands out for its high precision and speed of processing: it can carry out the check in a matter of seconds. It is therefore a very productive facility for all types of animal feed: poultry, beef, pork…

We cannot reveal our own processes for food and animal feed control here, but we can tell you that we manage to carry out the best microbiological analyses at all times, from the arrival of the primary components to the final packaging. We use and rely on the latest safety and quality technologies in the animal feed sector.