From Solimix, as specialists in packaging of powder, chemical and solid products, for third parties, we detail some key points about the draft Royal Decree on Containers and Packaging Waste.

We want to help companies in the sector to learn more about the new developments, in order to know how to deal with the new law, although it is true that it is still in the development phase and may undergo certain changes in its wording. However, the new text includes aspects that have a direct impact on the industrial activity of packaging, especially in the food sector.

Scope of application

The draft Royal Decree extends its application to all containers and packaging waste circulating in the Spanish market, regardless of whether it is used or produced in the industry, commerce, offices, commercial establishments, services, households or anywhere else, regardless of its materials.

Therefore, the legislation applies to products such as containers, commercial and industrial packaging, and other similar plastic articles.

Objectives of the Royal Decree on Containers and Packaging Waste

The priority of the future regulation is to introduce a new Circular Economy model. In this way, Spanish packaging legislation will be adapted to the new extended producer responsibility regime established by the European Union.

Waste prevention: the top priority

Particularly in the area of waste prevention, the new law aims to reduce waste from packaging of powdered products, as well as single-use plastic beverages by 50%, and other packaged products.

On the way to 100% recyclable packaging

Another key issue is to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging. To this end, it is intended to implement a Deposit, Return and Refund System (DRS) for reusable packaging.

This means that the obligations – as well as the associated costs – in applying extended producer responsibility to industrial packaging are increasing.

Thus, a mandatory minimum content of recycled material is to be established for all packaging.

When does the new draft Royal Decree enter into force?

As we have already mentioned, the draft Royal Decree on Containers and Packaging Waste is still in the development phase. However, it may enter into force in the middle of 2022. 

Sustainability and competitiveness must go hand in hand

The industry is now focusing on the need for sustainability and competitiveness to go hand in hand. Thus, companies in the product packaging sector must implement strategies and production models with environmental and social criteria as a roadmap.

Finally, Solimix is committed to adapting to customer needs in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but also in terms of ecology, when designing and producing packaging for powder products and other compounds.