The chemical industry is currently of great relevance, and is present in an infinite number of sectors. From pesticides that improve the quantity and quality of food production, to drugs that cure diseases, to cleaning products that help establish hygienic living conditions. And in all of them, quality and safety are extremely important. In Solimix we stand out as a chemical products manufacturer in Spain with more than 40 years of experience. We can tell you why complying with the regulations in this kind of products is so fundamental.

Why chemical product safety is so important?

When it comes to chemical products, quality and safety policy is very important. That is why in Solimix, expert manufacturer of chemical products, we are certified with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We comply with all the requirements for the storage of chemical products classified as dangerous, and we have the legal permits and accreditations required for the manufacture of the products in all the sectors we work in.

Safety is particularly important for these types of products, as they have significant harmful risks to human health or the environment. Therefore, packaging and storage play a key role.

The best manufacturer of chemical products in Spain

At Solimix we stand out for our work with cleaning products, biocides, animal feed, agronutrients, water treatment, sealants and coatings, speciality chemicals, and base chemicals. We are specialists in processing and packaging liquid and solid chemical products, and we cover many sectors where professionalism and excellence are very important.

Does a leading chemical manufacturer in Spain manage your industrial processes?

At Solimix, as experts in manufacturing, packaging and handling of this kind of products since 1978, we always work following a strict quality and safety policy. Our facilities have all the legal requirements and permissions demanded for the manufacturing of the products of the sectors we are working with. Contact us if you are looking for manufacturers of chemical products with all the guarantees and at a good price.