The food industry is one of the most productive sectors in our country. Hygiene and disinfection are essential, as the quality of the product will depend largely on these processes. The objective is to guarantee the safety of the final consumer to whom the food arrives. In Solimix we explain how food disinfection should be done in order to comply with the regulations.

Importance of food disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are operations aimed at combating the proliferation and activity of micro-organisms that can contaminate food and cause its deterioration. To this end, it must be ensured beforehand that all parts of the premises are properly cleaned and disinfected, including the cleaning equipment.

The peracetic acid we use in Solimix has a great oxidising capacity, and it is not only used directly on food, but also as a disinfectant on all surfaces in contact with it.

Food disinfection must ensure, among others, the following aspects:

  • That the premises are clean when the work starts.

  • That work equipment and utensils are clean at the beginning of the day and are cleaned during use, when they become contaminated and at the end of production.

  • Food products are not contaminated during cleaning.

  • That detergents and disinfectants do not come into direct or indirect contact with food and that re-contamination of surfaces does not occur.

An efficient cleaning and disinfection process for both the premises and the equipment and utensils used in food processing, storage and distribution is crucial to ensure food quality. The aim is to keep the presence of pathogenic microorganisms that affect food preservation under control, thus preventing the accelerated decomposition of organic material. In this way both the commercial life of the product and the health of the consumers are preserved.

In Solimix, a company dedicated to the manufacture, handling and packaging for third parties since 1978, we guarantee maximum quality food disinfection. With more than 40 years of experience, we have the industrial solutions you need. Contact us if you need to disinfect any kind of food to guarantee safety.