In the industrial packaging process, the preservation of the element or formula being preserved is of vital importance. Understanding how preservatives work and the types that exist is key to understanding, in turn, how complex it can be to guarantee excellent results.

Hence the importance of leaving the related processes in the hands of professionals, so that the guarantee of the product remains intact and they do not create any damage to the final consumer.

Key in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Most pharmaceutical and cosmetic products with water must follow a strict preservation process when they are industrially packaged. The products that are incorporated depend to a great extent on the result to be achieved, as well as on the characteristics of the product. In any case, these will always act to prevent deterioration, as well as to protect the consumer from possible pathogenic organisms.

Preservatives can be chemical solutions, but products can also be protected by physical preservation methods. For example, heat sterilisation would be an ideal method for single-use compounds, as it ensures that they reach the consumer in optimum conditions. Furthermore, as they are not used later there is no danger of further contamination.

However, preservative compounds are almost always required to guarantee the user several consumptions and chemical components must be used to protect from this possible contamination of organisms once opened.

Within the options offered in the market there are different formulas that protect against bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Depending on what needs to be preserved and its particular physical characteristics, one or the other application is more recommendable.

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