As experts in the packaging of different types of additives for animal feed, and in order to guarantee the quality of our products and services, we always comply with the relevant regulations in force.

At Solimix we work with technological additives such as acidifiers, antioxidants or emulsifiers, sensory additives such as pigments or aromas; nutritional additives such as minerals, amino acids or vitamins and with zootechnical additives such as intestinal flora stabilisers or digestion enhancers.

Regulation (EC) No. 1831/2003

No one can question that in any case such additives, whether for animal feed or for the human diet, are added with the intention of preserving the quality and properties of the food, enriching it or making it more attractive, but they must comply with the relevant regulations.

For animal feed additives there is Regulation (EC) No. 1831/2003, which lays down the rules and regulations for labelling, marketing and use.

Both for their marketing and for their use, many authorisations are required which are valid for 10 years and must be renewed one year before they expire.

Regarding the labelling, it must show the name of the additives, the group to which they belong and the identification number, the net weight for liquid additives and for pre-mixtures, the net weight or net volume, any instructions for use or recommendations, if necessary, the requirements of the corresponding authorisation, the batch number and the date of manufacture, as well as the details of the authorised premises, authorised person or entity.

Guaranteed quality

In order to be able to provide guaranteed high quality services to each customer, it is important to know the current regulations and to comply with all their requirements regarding the different types of animal feed additives.

At Solimix we are always committed to providing that guaranteed quality by complying with the permits and accreditations required in order to carry out our activities.