When packaging powdered products for third parties, we always achieve the optimum degree of crushing of our customers’ products. Our plant is perfectly prepared to process one or more mixed elements, depending on the supplier’s formula, which will always be used with great confidentiality by all members of our company.

Therefore, the commitment that we at SOLIMIX acquire to achieve exactly the product that the customer demands is centred above all on the integral infrastructure that we make use of and the wide experience that we have in this type of very specific processes.

The packaging

Our factory packages a wide range of shapes and sizes of industrial containers.

As we are aware of the importance of packaging for our customers, we can produce various formats to adapt to their needs, both aesthetically and functionally. We can design and produce packaging for the marketing of powdered products, from 50 mg to 1,000 kg.


We also have the necessary infrastructure to carry out the necessary labelling of each type of product with the client’s logo, so that the design requested by the client is rigorously reflected in its distribution. In other words, we can take out the powdered products packaged and labelled directly from our plant and sell them.

Quality control

Quality, seriousness and a job well done are the premises that have always accompanied us in our journey since the day we were born, which is why we also have a laboratory dedicated exclusively to the study and analysis of the products we design and manufacture, always with an exquisite methodology that guarantees the good results we always achieve.

We offer our clients many advantages. They can greatly minimise their fixed costs or, for example, they will always have tailor-made solutions that may even include the purchase of raw materials and packaging components or even the complete distribution of the final product manufactured in our facilities.