The labelling of chemical products for the packaging and processing industry has been changing in recent years, which is all the more reason to learn more about the pictograms they contain. This is the only way to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace and other industrial environments such as factories, the construction industry and even in offices.

Chemical products: what information can we find on the packaging?

The European Union’s Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulation has introduced different warning pictograms. These are accompanied by warning and hazard words and indications, as well as precautionary instructions, product-specific information and the supplier’s data.

What do the hazard pictograms tell us?

The CLP/GHS (Globally Harmonised System) has nine unified graphic symbols corresponding to hazard classes and categories. In addition, each graphic has a corresponding numerical assignment depending on the substance from which the product contained in the packaging is made.

How they are designed

Thus, the pictograms on packaging and handling of chemical products have the following particularities:

  • They are designed in the shape of a diamond with a red border.
  • They contain a white background and silhouette inside (usually black) indicating the nature of the hazards associated with the use of a hazardous substance or mixture.
  • The numerical designation ranges from GHS01 to GHS09, where we can find from the typical skull and crossbones to an exclamation mark or a flame.
  • Flammable or caustic substances, oxidising products or compressed gases are included in the list of chemical formulations that are packaged with graphic symbols.

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