As a manufacturer of industrial chemicals, in this post we detail everything our company has to offer. Read on:


Biocides are chemical substances of natural origin or micro-organisms that are intended to destroy, render harmless or otherwise prevent the action of any harmful organism in food. These include the following:

Products based on peracetic acid, for fruits or vegetables.

Formulation of other liquids and emulsions with other effective components for disinfection


We do have many products for the optimisation of animal feeding on farms, but the most important are pre-mixes, complementary feeds and dietary supplements. All these products are specially designed by our team of professionals specialised in the livestock and food sector.

Phytosanitary products and pesticides

Our phytosanitary product uses an optimum mixture of substances that aim to prevent, destroy, repel or combat possible pests and directly kill insects (insecticides), mites (acaricides), fungi, or bacteria, among other forms of animal or plant life harmful to agriculture. In Solimix we sell the specific format you are most interested in, that is, solid or liquid type with spray.

Water treatment

There are also many products that make up our catalogue for the cleaning and disinfection of swimming pools or water treatment plants. We also offer specific products to achieve the proper maintenance and good condition of the water.

Chemical products

Mineral oxides, mixtures of acids, carbonates, aggregates, lime… always in both forms: aqueous and solid. All of them pass several rigorous internal and external controls, with their corresponding official certificates, before being put on sale in our commercial establishment in Barcelona.

Sealants and special paints

Many products fit into this group of materials, but liquid silicones, pigments, varnishes, adhesives of different strengths or waterproof paints stand out above all for their enormous success with our loyal customers.

If you want to know the rest of our catalogue of products for the industry, come and visit us. We offer excellent value for money and we’ll be happy to help you!