When we buy a product, we do so in the confidence that the people and companies that have developed it have followed all the rules and recommendations for putting it on the market. And there are a multitude of controls to ensure that this is the case. However, there are some items that are worth spending extra time on and removing all doubt about whether they are safe or not. This is the case, for example, with the references marketed by manufacturers of industrial chemical products in Spain.

Manufacturers of industrial chemical products in Spain

By their nature, these items require specialised industrial chemical manufacturers in Spain. Why? In Solimix we have a wide experience in the sector and we are going to give you some keys so that you know how important it is not to buy these references anywhere or from non-authorised suppliers:

  • Packaging: The mixing and packaging of the liquids is very complex and has to be left in the hands of trained specialists. In addition, they must have the best equipment at their disposal so as not to make mistakes that could damage consumer health.

  • Preparation of solids: There is a wide range of techniques in the treatment of solids, from pre-crushing and lump breaking, to screening and sieving, mixing, impregnation and encapsulation of solids. This type of operation, as you may have guessed, must be correctly supervised and precisely executed.

  • Quality: Quality materials must always be used in this type of products to avoid errors that could damage the final result of the manufacture.

  • Safety: The raw materials used in the sector, as well as the final products, are very delicate. That is why you should only trust companies that respect safety standards as much as possible.

These are just some of the issues that manufacturers of industrial chemical products in Spain must always bear in mind. In Solimix we have a wide experience, the best team of professionals and the most advanced technical means. That is why we have become a reference supplier for items such as cleaning products, biocides, animal feed, agronutrients, water treatment, sealants and coatings, speciality chemicals, and base chemicals. Trust us!