Investing in quality cleaning products is more important than it may seem at first sight. Choosing the right items to clean with will make the cleaning process easier and will save you time, while keeping us away from contaminants and germs. Furthermore, in industrial cleaning it is of great importance to avoid abrasion of machinery, prevent a toxic reaction or damage to the environment. In Solimix we are experts in the manufacture of cleaning products and we attend your needs, whether they are oriented at a professional or at a private level. We indicate you which are some of the most used cleaning products.

Types of cleaning products

  1. Acids: these are products that are mainly used in the bathroom. They are usually intended for surfaces such as tiles, baths or toilets. They are very corrosive products.

  2. Alkalis: examples of this type of product are degreasers, bleaches or cleaners for glass-ceramic hobs. They are used to eliminate the most resistant stains. They are also very corrosive products.

  3. Solvents: glass cleaners and alcohols are the most common solvents that you can find. Normally, these products in the label they have the icon of danger as flammable and, therefore, the due precautions will have to be taken.

  4. Soaps: these products are characterised by their ability to create foam, which allows them to be used on delicate surfaces such as those of frying pans or plates. Here, products for personal cleaning also stand out.

Where to buy cleaning products?

If you are looking for experts in the manufacture of cleaning products, at Solimix we are in charge of manufacturing, packaging and handling products for third parties, covering both liquid and solid solutions in very different formats so that our customers can access what they need in a precise way. Besides manufacturing, we can carry out the packaging in different types, models, sizes… in which we include the labels you indicate so that the result is as if you had manufactured it in your premises.