Do you own an industrial plant and need a partner to take care of the packaging and handling of your many products? Well, we can help you: we are specialised professionals with extensive experience in this very specific and important process. This is the visible face of your product and, as they say, everything enters through the eyes of any potential customer first. We offer you the following:

Packaging service

Regular or one-time. We can arrange long-term outsourcing or, if you need it, you can call on us only in cases where you need it: for example, at times when your production is large and you need our extra help.

Special packaging. As we have been experts in this field for a number of years, at Solimix we have the facilities and enough technology to be able to pack all types of packaging; for those that you cannot produce because you do not have the necessary machinery in your company or even for those that you do not have the relevant production authorisations in your own plant.

In any of the cases, with our professional service you will achieve that your fixed costs become variable, that is to say, only according to the number of units you ask us to produce.

Complementary services

Our work does not stop there, in the packaging or handling of products, but you can also contract some of these complementary services:

Waste Management. We can take care of waste management after the packaging processes according to current standards and regulations.

Logistics centre. If you choose us for the storage and distribution of your production, you will not have to worry about activities as important as these: stock control, preparation and transport of your orders, dispatch of these with the documentation for each and every one of your customers…

If you want your business to prosper, trust our professionals to achieve the highest profitability in the aforementioned areas of work. Packaging, logistics and efficient waste management would be in the best hands. Contact us and let’s talk!