In our chemical cleaning products company we know that there are many sectors and industrial or business activities that require special attention to cleaning and disinfection.

We all agree that any business, industrial and commercial activity has to take into account certain protocols related to cleanliness.

Cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting are all very important not only to provide a good product, good service or a good image, but can also affect the productivity of the company to a greater or lesser extent.

It has been proven that clean and tidy working environments increase employee activity. On the other hand, a workspace in which cleanliness or disinfection is not taken care of, depending on which activities, leads to staff discomfort, lack of enthusiasm and a reduction in productivity or low performance.

Mandatory hygiene, cleaning and disinfection

Using chemical products for cleaning is the best way to ensure proper sanitisation and disinfection. As we have already mentioned, depending on the sector or business, this is a must.

Health sector. In this respect it is one of the most representative sectors. It is essential and also obligatory to comply with the required levels of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, in order to guarantee the safest possible environments.

Food sector. Obviously, any activity related in one way or another to food must also ensure that all food and the processes necessary for its preparation, packaging, sale, etc., are safe from contamination, in order to guarantee the highest levels of safety.

Educational sector. These spaces also require specific products with which to maintain cleanliness and disinfection in all facilities, in order to minimise the transmission of viruses and germs.

Hotel sector. In this case, it is essential to take into account the number of people who use these facilities, and therefore, as in the previous examples, cleaning products are required that guarantee the disinfection of all spaces and surfaces at all times.

These are just a few examples of the sectors in which extreme precautions must be taken and insistence must be placed on complying with all the requirements related to cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection, adapting the products used to the different needs and particularities.

Solimix is the chemical cleaning products company of reference for all types of companies and business and industrial sectors, with which we can meet the requirements of each of our customers, with manufacturing, packaging and handling services of chemical products for different purposes