As specialists in the chemical product packaging sector, we know that most cleaning products, biocides, animal feed, agronutrients, water treatments, sealants and coatings, speciality chemicals and base products always come in plastic packaging. There are a number of obvious reasons for this, which we would like to review today.

Strong and durable chemical product packaging

When choosing containers for chemical products we have to take into account how we are going to transport them.

It is very important that the containers are easy to transport, light and very resistant.

Chemical or cleaning products can be toxic or corrosive, so it is necessary to use a resistant and safe material to avoid incidents. For this reason, most of the companies on the market use quality plastic like the one we use in our daily work load.

Often these products have to be transported from the shop to the home or to the business. Sometimes the contents inside can be quite heavy, which is why it is necessary to use materials that are both resistant and light to transport in order to make it easier to carry these products.

This material must be easy to produce and must be produced economically so as not to increase the price of the chemical products. That is why companies always rely on quality packaging that is not too expensive, such as those produced from plastic.

One of the most frequently used materials for chemical packaging is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is ideal for storing corrosive products thanks to its high resistance. Another advantage of this material is that it can withstand high temperatures without deterioration.

At Solimix we are committed to quality, so our personnel are always in constant training; we seek a balance between social welfare and the environment. For this reason we collaborate with the best suppliers of containers for chemical products with the relevant type standardisations to safely contain your products.

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