In Solimix we create innovative solutions for many sectors. For example, for the packaging of animal feeds. Let’s see how it has to be to keep the product in perfect conditions and to make its transport and storage easier.

This type of packaging has to be practical and functional. We must take into account the wide variety of products for animals, domestic or farm, that exist. Each product requires different and adapted packaging.

In recent years, there have been important advances that facilitate not only the transport and handling of pet food containers, but also their preservation. These packages can be manufactured in bags from rolls or pre-formed (e.g. stand-up packages) and three side seal bags (ideal for pet’s snacks).

The most common materials for the manufacture of animal feed containers are:

  • APET PE (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate): material for thermoforming with polyethylene. Ideal if you want to see the product inside because it can be very transparent. Available in many colours. It is perfect for the packaging of snacks and sweets because peelable property can be added, making it easier to handle.

  • PET PE (polyethylene terephthalate): complex very versatile double material. It can be used in almost any packaging format. Properties such as barrier to water vapour or external aromas are outstanding.

  • VSOL: film which, together with polyester or other material, provides a high barrier. Especially suitable for vertical filling machines. It has a good hot-tack and a low welding temperature.

One of the most demanded options to pack animal feeds is the side gusset bags of different capacities. They preserve perfectly the characteristics of the products. There are many possibilities when it comes to customising these Solimix bags. In general, to manufacture the pet food packaging, several plastic films are included which contribute to the flexibility and durability of the packaging. As we have seen, using materials such as PPE, PE, LLDPE and BOPP add-ons can be added to customise the packaging. For example, resealable zip or perforations to hung or hold them. It all depends on the customer’s needs and the type of product to be packaged.