Exposure to chemical products and solutions is common in many work activities. In fact, one can think of occupations that are directly related to laboratories, such as workshop mechanics. It is true that this type of exposure has nothing to do with what a chemical analysis laboratory technician may have, but it is essential that the risks are foreseen and measures taken to avoid them.

The regulations are different in those activities where large quantities of dangerous substances are handled, or where the main task is to work directly with these elements, than in those where exposure is occasional and with less harmful substances. But all of them must adopt safety measures.

Activities with higher risk in handling chemical products

Activities directly related to the chemical industry, i.e. product manufacturers, tend to present the most risks. In fact, in this type of company, safety protocols are implemented and specific occupational risk prevention plans are developed for this reason. In a similar situation are those companies related to the analysis of substances, such as laboratories.

Perhaps where the risk is least evident from the outside is in packaging activities or chemical products’ handling activities when those products are not the focus of the activity. A company engaged in any activity where chemical products must be handled must follow current regulations and the protocols of occupational risk prevention plans. On occasions, very complex legislation comes into effect and it is possible to analyse options for outsourcing certain non-primary services with partners who are specialists.

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