Grease, calcareous incrustations or bacteria are the most common contaminants in any space where food is treated or cooked, and can lead to all kinds of contamination such as salmonella, escherichia coli and others. This undesirable situation usually occurs at certain critical points in restaurant kitchens or food processing plants. This is where our optimum disinfectants for surfaces in contact with foodstuffs should be used:

Surfaces, walls or floors

Disinfectant cleaning should be carried out every day, first by removing waste and then by applying an effective detergent thoroughly throughout the room.

Removable machines and working tools

After finishing work shifts, the kitchenware and cooking machines should always be cleaned with the sanitising product that we at SOLIMIX are experts in its manufacturing for industrial formats (20L,10L,5L) or specific smaller (3L,2L,1L, 0,5L) formats. It is very necessary to use disinfectants on a regular basis.

Walk in cold rooms

The best routine is to unplug this large appliance so that all moving parts can be removed and cleaned also with detergent. This disinfectant should also be used both on the walls and inside the cabinets so that, once it has taken effect, it is rinsed off to remove what little of the cleaner remains.

Extractor hoods, grills, filters…

All these elements of a kitchen must always be cleaned daily with very specific degreasing products such as those we produce, which are focused solely and exclusively on those surfaces close to food, such as the extractor hood, or in direct contact with them, such as glass-ceramic hobs or fryers. On the other hand, it is also important to quickly remove carbonised fats and heavy grease after cooking.

Kitchen sink

In this case a disinfectant detergent should also be used.

Rubbish bins

They should be cleaned every day, even if it takes time. Disinfection can be done on a weekly basis.

If you want the best cleaning and disinfection products or treatments for restaurants or food production centres, contact us. At SOLIMIX you will find the latest in industrial processes. The industrial excellence at the best price is waiting for you in Barcelona!