Soil fertilisation has become one of the keys to a modern agricultural system that allows the use of fields for different crops, promoting a sustainable use of resources. In this sense, industrial packaging companies play an important role, as they offer optimal solutions for the transport of these fertilisers and manures in specifically manufactured containers that save costs in terms of individual packaging.

Fertilisers and manures: keys to better performance and a greater sustainability

Farmers know their fields well, and know that by using certain fertilisers they can get a higher yield by obtaining not only more profitable, but also more sustainable crops. Interspersing different types of products allows soils to recover. And fertilising them with the specific elements makes for higher yields.

Choosing one or another type of fertiliser depends on many factors, such as the quality of the soil itself, the type of crop, the time of planting and the time of year when the fertilisation work is to be carried out.

However, the purchase of these fertilisers and manures has also a bearing on the sustainability and profitability of their crops. The use of large quantities of them can be increased in terms of costs, if small packages are used. Choosing industrial packaging adapted to the activity being generated is important to achieve a direct improvement in profit, as well as to get involved in avoiding the generation of waste.

At Solimix we are a company specialised in industrial packaging. We stand out within the Spanish market because of our capacity to adapt to the needs of multiple sectors and because we offer products capable of containing large quantities of elements needed by several industries. Adapting ourselves both aesthetically and functionally is one of our differentiation pillars. You can consult us without obligation to obtain estimates adapted to the needs of your business.