Taking care of the water in a swimming pool is very important for its correct conservation and hygiene. For this purpose, specific chemical products are usually used for water treatment, which eliminate impurities and allow people to bathe in it peacefully. As specialists in industrial packaging and chemical products, we are very aware of the importance of using the right products to maintain the water in the pool. What are their functions?

Water treatment chemical products

In general, the use of products depends on the nature of the water, whether it is of marine origin, from rivers, or from the household tap for example, and the amount of product to be used always depends on its quality depending on its pH, water hardness, alkalinity or the presence of solids among other things. In swimming pools, one of the products most used has the function of adjusting the pH of the water.

It is also very important to use chlorine in order to effectively eliminate different pathogens that are usually in the water. It is a disinfectant and economical product that has been widely used for water treatment in swimming pools for many years. There are several types of chlorine depending on the specific needs of the pool to be treated.

Another product for pool water is bromine. It is an oxidant that, like chlorine, is used to disinfect, and is particularly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi that can appear in the water, as well as removing organic impurities. It is the best option for use in indoor pools or spas, as it has a high tolerance to high temperatures and changes in pH. Furthermore, unlike chlorine, this product does not cause odours or irritations in the eyes that could bother people who go swimming.

Flocculating agents, algaecides or saltwater chlorination products, among others, are also used to treat water in some cases.

In Solimix we are specialists in chemical products for water treatment in swimming pools and purification plants. Whenever a swimming pool is installed, it is essential to be informed about the products that are necessary to keep the water transparent, clean, without impurities and well preserved.