We are experts in the field of packaging chemical products, always of high quality, functionality and durability… but storage is also important, which is up to you and your team of professionals. We are sure that most of the chemical products your company uses are not only a risk by themselves, but they can also generate complicated reactions if they come into contact with other components.

It is therefore crucial that the storage of chemical containers is carried out in a safe and proper manner, following the necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of your employees.

Factors that increase the hazard in relation to the storage of chemical products

  • The level of hazardousness of the product that needs to be stored in the warehouse.
  • The proper maintenance and cleanliness of the space in question.
  • The correct distribution of substances or components in safety packaging of the highest quality. That’s what we take care of at SOLIMIX.
  • The behaviour of the workers, who must always comply with all the regulations directly related to the treatment of chemical products for the industry.

Tips for the optimal storage of chemical products

Set up your plant for safe storage. The appropriate storage facilities in question should be:

– Places with an excellent ventilation system, especially if it is a confined area and if toxic products are stored there, as they can generate an undesirable explosive atmosphere. An explosion-proof electrical installation will further shield the warehouse.

– In areas where hazardous products are located, no work must be carried out that could generate sparks.

– Installations located in places where no heat sources are generated.

– Plants with drainage systems for good control of possible spills.

– Storage centres resistant to possible fires and with clear exits.

Come to our centre if you want to make sure that the packaging of the chemical products you need is of high quality and safe. Then, as you read, the storage is only up to you… unless you want us to do it for you in our own facilities prepared for this purpose, which is another good option!