In many sectors related to cleaning, agriculture, water treatment or agronutrients, chemical substances are commonly used and require special attention. We have to comply with the regulations and guarantee the maximum safety and, therefore, at Solimix we guarantee the best service in packing chemical and solid products for third parties. We tell you everything that has to be taken into account.

What must the packaging of chemical products comply with?

  • Should have been designed and manufactured in such a way that no loss of content is possible.

  • The containers and closures must be strong and solid.

  • Containers with a reusable closure system must be designed so that the container can be closed several times without loss of contents.

  • Toxic and corrosive substances which may reach the general public must have a child-resistant closure and carry a tactile warning of danger.

  • Harmful or flammable substances which may reach the general public must also have a tactile warning.

Tailor-made third-party packaging service

In Solimix we work all kind of packaging for third parties according to the customer’s needs.

  • Packaging of detergent products: we work with products for professional and domestic use, as established by the company requesting the packaging of whiteners, disinfectants, cleaners… etc.

  • Packaging of solid products: we can integrate different operations that include pre-crushing and lump breaking; screening and sieving; packaging in different containers or by means of continuous reel sheet or ready-made bags; thermo-sealing and sewing of containers and, finally, manufacturing of tablets and bars.

  • Packaging of food products: we can ensure at all times a management system of high quality and excellent food safety

Are you looking for a third party packaging company? With more than 40 years of experience, thanks to Solimix you will be able to count on a quality and rigorously controlled production system, without investing in facilities and machinery, with the confidence of knowing that we do not have our own brands, but we are totally oriented to our customers. Our great capacity to guarantee third parties the packaging services they need is based on our large facilities equipped with the most advanced technology capable of adapting to any requirement. Contact us if you want to achieve the best results in the packaging of your products.