For more than four decades we have been offering manufacturing, packaging and handling services of chemical products to third parties, with tailor-made solutions from start to finish, carefully analysing the needs of every one of our clients.

Third party services

There are companies that, for whatever reason, do not have the resources or capacity to manufacture, package or distribute their products, opting for an industrial partner that has all the means in terms of facilities, production, and storage, logistics and analysis laboratory. Definitely that may be the best decision, but sometimes it is not considered.

Which sectors can benefit

Clearly, the sectors that can benefit from services for third parties, whether in the manufacture, packaging or handling of chemical products in solid, liquid or paste form, often depend on the capacity of the industrial partner.

Based on our service and response capacity, we have customers with a wide range of needs in speciality chemicals, base chemicals, biocides, cleaning products, sealants and coatings, water treatment, agronutrients and animal feed.

Solimix, your industrial partner

Why Solimix can be the industrial partner you need? What do you need us for?

To provide you with solutions for peaks in demand that exceed your production capacity.

For the production, packaging or handling of special products for which you do not have facilities, or machinery, or authorisations, or which may even be incompatible with other of your productions.

The large capacity of our facilities, the variety of our machinery and the specialisation of our team allow us to adapt to your needs.

Now you know why you may be interested in having a third party service specialised in the manufacture, packaging and handling of chemical products and why Solimix is your best choice.