As specialists in packaging whiteners, bleaching agents and other chemical products, at Solimix we work to offer the best service to third parties (whether for the industrial cleaning sector, laundries, water treatment, etc.) and with all the safety guarantees. On this point, sodium hypochlorite, a universal disinfectant and bleaching product, is one of the bleach and whitener packaging solutions with which we work the most.

What exactly is sodium hypochlorite and how is it used in industry? In the following lines, we provide all the key facts.

What is sodium hypochlorite? 

It is precisely the dissolution of sodium hypochlorite in water that converts this compound into bleach (NaCIO), a universal bleach and disinfectant widely used in both domestic and industrial environments.

Uses of sodium hypochlorite

We are all familiar with the use of sodium hypochlorite diluted in water for domestic use, or also called, bleach. In this area, users use it to clean and disinfect surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as to remove stains from clothes. But what other uses does sodium hypochlorite have in industry?


It is very common in water treatment to add chlorine, in the form of sodium hypochlorite, for its disinfection.

Water potabilisation

For water purification, the concentration of sodium hypochlorite used may not exceed 10%. At this point, it should be clarified that this bleaching agent is different from the procedure used – it is not commercial chlorine, as it is harmful to health.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Sodium hypochlorite is also used to treat sewage and industrial water, eliminating and preventing the spread of bacteria and sludge.


Sodium hypochlorite is also widely used as an irrigation agent in dental treatments, as well as in the health care field to treat different pathologies.

As we have already mentioned, at Solimix we have more than 40 years of experience in the whitener and bleach packaging sector and we comply with all the technical and legal requirements to provide a safe and quality service.