One of the most important processes for professionals involved in the packaging and handling of any type of chemical product is the management of waste derived from this activity.

We must start from the premise that all chemical waste is considered hazardous and it is essential to comply with the current regulations established for its production, treatment, handling, storage, etc., in order to protect the health of all, professionals, consumers and the environment.

A commitment by all

Although we understand that all professionals, regardless of the sector they work in, are always committed to offering the highest quality to each of their clients, it is true that we should all be equally committed to guaranteeing the care and protection of the environment. So everyone, in their own way, and depending on their business activity, should be aware of the importance of managing the waste they generate in the correct way.

We must not forget that taking care of the environment is taking care of ourselves, so we must make a commitment to safe, legal and appropriate waste management processes for each activity in order to ensure our own safety.

Important criteria

When managing chemical waste in its corresponding packaging and handling processes, it is important to take into account certain important criteria such as the specific characteristics of each waste, the use of approved packaging, all packaging should be done in conditions that guarantee safety or labelling with the information related to the waste, among others.

From Solimix, in the same way that we guarantee the high quality of our products and services with a customer service specially focused on meeting the different needs and distinctive features, we can guarantee that we comply with all the requirements to safely and optimally manage the waste generated from our production and packaging activity.