If you are looking for a third party feed packaging company, Solimix has been dedicated to providing the best third party packaging service for over 40 years, packaging services from chemicals and cleaning products to additives and premixes for feed sector.

Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers when it comes to packaging their products. From our factory, we guarantee safety in the handling of the packaged product and the conservation of its properties and efficacy once it has been distributed.

We also have the very latest technology in terms of packaging machinery to provide reliability for our customers. Of course, labelling is a very important part of the process. Therefore, we carefully check that all the ingredients and data required are correct.

You can count on us

If you have a company dedicated to the distribution of animal feed, whether dry or moist, you can count on us for its packaging. Your product will reach any place without losing properties or results.

As part of our company policy, we have a quality control system to ensure that these products are not contaminated and do not harm health in any way. We are ISO:9001 and FAMI-QS certified, so you can rest assured that your food product will reach your end customers in perfect condition.

Contact Solimix for more information on how we work and how to proceed with packaging. Don’t take a gamble with products that could be dangerous if handled incorrectly or could have a detrimental effect on health if not handled safely. We have a wide experience in the sector and a good reputation among our customers, being a very reputed company.