When you need to hire a solid product packaging company, you should pay close attention to the conditions and guarantees offered by the companies in the sector. As these are products that require special handling, the company in charge of packaging them must know how these types of products are treated to guarantee not only the safety of the end customers, but also not to alter the content and cause it to lose its properties, damaging it or failing to offer the solutions promised to the customer.

Our company is equipped with the latest technology, offering concrete actions for handling and packaging solids from pre-crushing and lump crushing; screening and sieving; grinding, milling and micronising; mixing, impregnation and encapsulation, among others. Of course, any brand can rest assured that we will not reveal the ingredients used or their proportions to avoid problems with competitors. Our company is very discreet.

Choose Solimix for the packaging of your products

In our company we have all the necessary official certifications for the packaging of any solid product, be it chemical or food. Our high levels of quality guarantee that we pass the strictest controls.

At Solimix we have more than 40 years in the sector of packaging products for third parties. We are a benchmark company that continues to grow every day, gaining new customers. Our references are excellent, because our ultimate goal is that our customers are satisfied with the result, guaranteeing the quality, safety and efficiency expected of the product.

Contact us and ask for all the information you need to decide for us when it comes to packaging your products. We assure you that if you choose us, you will be satisfied with us. Our extensive experience is our guarantee.