We have already dedicated more than one entry in our blog to peracetic acid; we have resolved doubts about its applications highlighting its disinfectant power, which in some industries would be more accurate to say that the peracetic acid is a powerful steriliser.

It doesn’t hurt to put the spotlight on other characteristics such as its cost, which is relatively low compared to its effectiveness, and its environmental harmlessness, as it does not generate any toxic waste.

Super Powers

If we were talking about super heroes, peracetic acid would be one of the best known and most respected. It has a great power of disinfection and sterilisation, acting quickly and effectively against all types of microorganisms; so we can safely attribute bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal powers to it.

It is perhaps now better understood why its use is so important in areas where it is essential to maintain a maximum level of asepsis, in the food, chemical or healthcare industry.

Other business activities where its use is essential are industrial laundries, for example, especially those serving hospitals and even hotels and restaurants.

Did you know that…?

Perhaps on your visits to the supermarket you have noticed on more than one occasion that cleaning vinegar is available, and that there are many safety recommendations about mixing cleaning products in the home.

Well, if we were to mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in a container, we would obtain a special product for disinfection which is none other than peracetic acid, but which can cause significant damage to the skin, eyes, mucous membranes and even the lungs. That is why its mixture for disinfectant and sterilising use should always be carried out by specialised companies that are familiar with this type of process, about the quantities that the mixture should include and, of course, should know about its corresponding packaging and labelling.

Solimix is the company specialising in the mixing and packaging of products such as sterilising peracetic acid, complying in all its manufacturing, packaging, handling and waste management processes with current regulations in terms of quality and safety, as well as being national and international distributors.