At Solimix we are specialists in chemical products and solutions, and as such, we are aware of the importance of the quality standards that all chemical packaging and mixing and packaging processes must meet to ensure good product quality. Not only that, but they must also preserve the safety of the workers who handle them and their facilities.

How chemical products should be mixed and packaged

Both mixing and packaging of chemical products are part of everyday life in the industrial chemical sector. To carry out this type of process, specialised machinery must be used and the company must be authorised and have all the necessary certifications.

Complying with all requirements is no easy task, as it is necessary to take into account what substances are handled, what type of containers are to be used, what the closures or sealing devices are like, etc. In many cases, we work with components and chemical products that require the use of strong and resistant seals, or with corrosive substances that must not be spilled under any circumstances.

Labelling is also important as part of these mixing and sealing procedures, as any substance that can cause damage to health must be labelled with appropriate warnings, safety measures and indications.

At Solimix, as experts in chemical products and solutions, we have been providing manufacturing, packaging and handling services for chemical products for more than 30 years. We work for clients from various sectors of activity who need to outsource their production, either totally or partially, and we adapt to their most demanding requirements, whether it is to create the product from raw materials and chemical formulation, or if what they are looking for is a packaging service with their elements and image.