The use of liquid peracetic acid has long been recognised worldwide. In fact, it was first registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1985 for use on indoor hard surfaces.

Its uses can now encompass many other applications ranging from the food industry to the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry, to the paper industry or cosmetics industry, to give just a few examples.

Further details     

It is therefore not uncommon for it to be used in food establishments, food processing companies or beverage production plants.

Its sterilising power makes it a common feature in the production and routine care of all instruments and equipment in any medical speciality.

Industrial laundries also form part of its list of followers both for its disinfecting power and bleaching power, the latter one also being perfect for the paper industry.

Another detail that can be pointed out is its use in the disinfection of water from cooling towers. It should be remembered that it is a powerful bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide; therefore legionella has a great enemy in peracetic acid.

Perhaps in the last two years of the pandemic it has gained even more prominence, as it is one of the most widespread solutions as a disinfectant against the coronavirus, to which it should be noted that it is recognised by the WHO (World Health Organisation) in this respect.

Safety notes

Its use, production, handling or packaging must all be carried out by specialised companies or specialised personnel, in strict compliance with specific safety guidelines.

We believe it is important to highlight the health risks involved in its uncontrolled handling: in case of ingestion: abdominal pain, collapse…, in case of inhalation: difficulty breathing, coughing, burning…, or contact with the skin: pain, blisters, burns…, or if contact with the eyes: pain and deep burns, which in any of the cases require medical attention.

This shows that while liquid peracetic acid can provide a wealth of solutions in a variety of sectors, it is not a harmless chemical compound that can be handled lightly.

It is really important to know the safety standards for its use, as well as the formulas of the compound in the production processes depending on what it is intended for, which once again puts us on alert in terms of producers and distributors, and it is essential to always rely on specialised companies that also have all the necessary permits to carry out this activity.

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