Animal feed is the first link in the food chain. Farmers must therefore pay particular attention to the selection of the feed they give to their animals. Good nutrition plays a key role not only in the health and welfare of animals, but also in the production of quality animal products. In Solimix we take care of the manufacturing of animal feeds and we tell you everything you need to know about them.

Types of animal feeds

European legislation defines feed as “any substance or product, including additives, intended for oral animal feeding, whether partially processed, totally processed or unprocessed”. And they can be differentiated into two types.

  1. Complete feeds: combination of ingredients that provide the animal with all the nutrients it needs, and are those normally used in the feeding of birds, pigs or pets.

  2. Complementary feeds: these are formulated to be combined with other raw materials. They are frequently used in the feeding of horses and ruminant animals such as cows, sheep or goats.

Manufacture of animal feeds

In Solimix we have the necessary permits for the manufacture of animal feeds. We have full capacity to adapt to the formulas and processes defined by each customer regarding the manufacture of additives for animal feeding. Besides, we also take care of their packaging, either in liquid or solid formats. We have the necessary production line so that the product is exactly what the customer wants.

We also have a specific infrastructure for the storage of raw materials and finished products, which guarantees our ability to meet delivery dates.

Are you looking for a company that manufactures animal feeds? In Solimix, a company specialised in providing a complete packaging service for third parties, we are packers and manufacturers of additives for animal feed for third parties. Contact us if you are looking for a feed in which the quality is assured.