It is clear that cleanliness is important in all types of spaces, even more so now with the health alert, but in the manufacturing processes of cleaning products it is important to know how to distinguish between domestic and professional cleaning.

Although we should all know that cleaning is not the same as sanitising or cleaning is not the same as disinfecting, nowadays we can find products to cover all kinds of needs, and we can guarantee that we enjoy spaces free of all kinds of germs that could put our health at risk.

They are similar but not the same

This does not mean that the ones we use at a domestic level do not fulfil the purpose for which they are manufactured, but that they are less aggressive because we are not talking about extremely dirty or contaminated spaces and it is necessary that in their handling they are safer for all types of people.

Cleaning professionals are experts in the handling and use of products with much higher cleaning and disinfection capacities. It must be taken into account that they are manufactured for specific uses in all types of spaces where there are more risks, whether in the public or private sector, such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, hotels, industrial spaces… etc.

The concurrence or continuous transit of people, the handling of food, the presence of infectious agents… etc., are aspects that are taken into account when studying new formulas and manufacturing cleaning products.

Cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection

It is clear that the purpose of these products is the same: to clean, sanitise and disinfect, but we must know how to use them depending on the spaces for which they are intended. The cleaning products we have at home are not at all the same as those used by professional cleaners, although whatever they are, we must always comply with the manufacturer’s instructions to guarantee our safety.

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