As specialists in chemical product packaging, Solimix details the most important keys to what characteristics hazardous waste packaging should have.

To complete this interesting information, our professionals also explain the information that should not be missing on the labelling of this type of packaging. Please take note!

Safety standards for hazardous waste packaging

It is the responsibility of the waste producer to separate waste properly and not to mix waste. neither with each other nor with non-hazardous waste. In this respect, both hazardous waste producers and waste managers must operate in accordance with strict technical regulations. Below, we explain which safety keys must be observed:

  • Both the packaging and its closures must prevent any loss of contents. Therefore, they must be solid and resistant so that there are no risks during handling, storage and transport. 
  • The material from which the packaging is made must be compatible with the substance – content, thus avoiding dangerous combinations.
  • Packaging must be maintained in the best possible conditions. This means that they must not have structural defects that could lead to dangerous leaks or spills.
  • Both packaging and storage of this type of waste must be carried out in such a way that there is no generation of heat, formation of toxic chemical reactions, ignitions and other hazardous situations that could compromise health during management.

How is hazardous waste packaging labelled?

In order to identify the risk involved in handling the waste itself for the user, but also to allow rapid identification of the waste, any such packaging should contain labels with the following information:

  • Identification of the content and the producer.
  • The details of the producer site, as well as the unit, department, laboratory and the name of the person responsible for the waste.
  • The dates of packaging and the corresponding code for the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR).

Of course, the labels include the globally harmonised hazard pictograms for the hazardous waste to be managed, which we have already explained in previous posts.

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